Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Easter!

You can still get your tickets for Steamposium 2018!

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Lucky You!

You can still get your tickets for Steamposium 2018!

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Welcome to Steamposium 2018!

Sky pirates and explorers! Goblins and ghouls! Creatures of all ages!

Steamposium is back home at the newly remodeled Bell Harbor International Conference Center. We are in a mischievous spirit with this event’s new dates of October 26th through October 28th, 2018.

Many of your favorites are back such as the Tea & Fashion Show, Murder Mystery and the all-star burlesque show Shake that Brass. There will be plenty of entertainment, panels, merchants, artists and workshops to please the mad scientist in all of us. The trick or treats don’t just stop there for we have a big surprise in store for you all!

Reserve the dates and order tickets early. It’s going to be a hauntingly good time!

Show Changes for 2018

Team Changes

Although we retain the core team -- we've expanded the roles and responsiblities so that we can proide an even better experience than before.

Enhanced Panels

Although we're still working through details of our panels, we're committed to making them even better. We'll be posting panel info as soon as we can -- and with the help of our updated online presence, we'll be able for forecast room usage better.

Online Experience

You'll see a renewed effort from us to make our online experience amazing!

User Logins

Soon we'll provide a login system to do several things: check the status of your tickets, vote on show elements, create a panel itenerary and much more!

Wider Focus

We're going to integrate a few more cross-genre elements, while maintaining our Steampunk core. Don't worry -- we have a plan in place about how to do this without disruping the best parts of the show.

Coming Soon...

Panel Info

Although the final panel schedule won't be ready until early October, we'll be able to set up and call out some key panels ahead of time. In fact, we'll be adding info about some of our key panels shortly.

Early Vendor Info

We've already accepted several returning vendors for 2018. We'll be posting detailed information about them shortly.

Vendor & Artist Signups

We'll be releasing Vendor & Artist signup forms soon. We're always look for the right balance of familiar and new vendors, so if you were thinking about vending, we encourage you to sign up!